If you want ...

to experience greater abundance and security by living in balance with natural systems,

you are an Earth Steward.

Earth Stewardship is about living connected.

We live in a world made of interdependent systems that balance, support and strengthen each other: nutrient systems, soil biology systems, plant systems, animal systems, water cycles, mineral cycles, etc. One broken system affects the integrity of all other interconnected systems. Unfortunately, many of our modern earth management methods are based on broken systems and broken systems are self limiting because they require perpetual external inputs.

Earth Stewards, in contrast, are masters of systems thinking. When you're an Earth Steward, you leverage, support and create complete and interdependent systems so that what you create is naturally self-regenerative.

The result is abundance.

Possibilities for Earth Stewardship exist in every animal or land management arena, because it is a way of thinking and problem solving, a different toolbox. Can you use Earth Stewardship to create a naturally lush backyard garden? Yep! What about regenerative hobby farms? Yep! Large-scale ranches or farms? Yep! Wildlife management? Yep! Wetland management? Yep!

Getting there takes knowledge (general and site specific), patience, observation, and adaptability, but most importantly, it takes people who can see the possibilities, people who want to step up and be the change, and people who have courage, lots and lots of courage!

You can be an Earth Steward!


  • ​Heal, support and leverage systems
  • ​Embrace the rich diversity of the earth and own our dependence on it.
  • ​Work together, with others and God, leveraging the strengths of everyone and everything.
  • ​Create and contribute mindfully.
  • ​See people as part of the solution.

We Don't

  • ​Break systems
  • ​Operate as if we are separate from the earth, other people ​and higher power.
  • ​Rely on monocultures and external entities to support us and give away our power to massive conglomerate​s.
  • ​Extract and consume mindlessly.
  • ​See people as the enemy to earth health.

Can you imagine ...

  • ​A world where we listen to and understand the rhythms of life and are willing to adapt to the message?
  • ​A garden that thrives without chemicals and produces nutrient dense, delicious food?
  • ​Animals that are naturally adapted to their homes and create pastures that are lush and biodiverse?
  • ​Wildlife areas, range and farmlands, and cities and towns that are healthier, more resilient, biodiverse, and abundant because people are engaged in their care?

Earth Stewards can!


I heal broken systems.

I make the earth richer and more abundant.

I honor and support life and the purpose for every creature and its mission.

I respond and adapt creatively and thoughtfully to change.

I am an

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