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We love cows ... they have such lovely noses and mouths and also eyes and also ears and also milk. We are breeding for a hardy, duel purpose northern intercontinental cow that can thrive on developing pasture. Given that, our hope is to sell our cattle within the northern intercontinental USA.

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Breed: Miniature Jersey
Breeding Farm:
Peaceful Valley
Gender: Heifer
Birth: May 29, 2023
Sure Shot Bentley 
Dam: Peaceful Valley Sage
Horns: Polled

Faline is a little sweetheart! Dainty like the deer she's named after, and has such a playful heart! She is a pure mini Jersey with really nice confirmation. She has better legs than her mama, a beautiful topline, and is going to have an awesome udder. She is very dairy type so she's going to need a tempered envioronment. 


Dam's first freshening udder

Grand-dam's udder

Great-grand-dam's udder

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If you're interested in any of our calves, let us know and we'll reach out when they are available.

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Breeding Farm: Peaceful Valley
Sire: Peaceful Valley Oliver
Dam: Peaceful Valley Ellie
Birthdate: Spring 2021
Gender: Breed Heifer
Breed: Mid-size Jersey
Horns: Polled

  • Frame: Sage has fairly good conformation, although needs improvement in her legs. Her topline, body depth, and dairy look are all awesome.
  • Dairy Genetics: Sage comes from great dairy lines, and is looking to have quite the impressive udder herself. Her dam and grand-dam had good attachments, great shape, and awesome teats.
  • Temperament: Sage is a lover head, and she expresses that through licking. She licks anything and everything, and loves attention. She also licks to show agitation, so also keep that in mind. If you don't want to be licked, Sage isn't for you. But she is a delightful girl, and will be great for a family milk cow.
  • Note: Sage was the first calf born on Peaceful Valley. When Ellie was in labor she kept laying down on sagebrush bushes and we told her she better move or she'd give birth in a bush. She dutifully got up and resituated...right up until the last moment. Then she got up, laid down and pushed Sage out right into a sagebrush bush. Silly cows! Sage has matured as a midsize cow, but she's got great mini genetics behind her, and her udder is shaping up to be something to behold. She is bred for a spring 2023 calf. We are selling her because she doesn't hold her own weight as well on poor pasture. She is a very dairy type girl, and isn't suited for our rough climate.

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