Sale Barn - Icelandic Sheep

We love our Icelandic sheep, they are hardy, have incredible fiber and great temperament. We're delighted you're interested in getting some of your own little woolly friends. We feel we have a stewardship for these animals so we won't sell to just anyone but if they are a good fit for you and you for them we would be privileged to work with you. Let us help you get setup with the right animals and help you on the grand adventure of becoming a shepherd.

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These are all of our available breeding rams, from proven and experienced older rams, to yearling rams that are looking stunning. We prefer not to sell ram lambs, because a lot can change over that first winter, and we want to verify quality before offering rams as breeder prospects. We pride ourselves on only offering breeder quality rams: ones we would be pleased to use in our breeding program. Generally rams we choose to list are only sold because, one, they are too closely related to the bulk of our breeding ewes, or, two, we just have too many rams. Sigh!!!

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The ewes listed range from proven adults to ewe lambs. We evaluate intensely when deciding if a ewe is retained, sold, or culled. We only sell high, breeder quality ewes that we can't hold onto due to herd size management.

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Wethers are rams that didn't make the breeder cut for one reason or another, but had stunning fleece or unrivaled temperaments.

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