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We're delighted you're interested in getting some goats. Goats are so fun. We feel we have a stewardship for these animals so we won't sell to just anyone but if they are a good fit for you and you for them we would be privileged to work with you and get you setup with the right animals and help you on the grand adventure that it is to become a goat steward.

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web pic 1 JPG


Breed: Nubian
Breeding Farm:
Peaceful Valley
Gender: Wether
Birth: spring 2023
Dam: Carlie
Horns: Horned

Cole is a very delightful little guy, and would make an awesome pet wether. He has a gentle and very devoted personality, and loves giving kisses. He comes up for loves, and will follow you around like a puppy. Plus, he is such a cutie! 


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If you're interested in breeding stock, let us know and we'll reach out when they are available.

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Peaceful Valley Wether


Sire: Peaceful Valley Bojangles
Dam: Peaceful Valley Carlie

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