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Icelandic sheep have some interesting fiber characteristics...

For starters they have a dual coat. Meaning that they have two layers of fleece: thel, a soft and fairly short inner layer that is fine and curly, and tog, a tough outer layer that's long and heavily curled. When spun together, the fleece makes "lopi yarn." It can also be separated into the two different layers. Each sheep also has different amounts of both of these layers, so while one may have mostly thel, another could have mostly tog. We have been selecting towards a better balance of the two, but there's still quite a lot of variability within the flock and each sheep has unique and different fleece.

The second unique characteristic of Icelandic sheep is that they have a natural wool break each year which means you can roo them (pull off their fiber) instead of shearing them. This means that there is no blunt end to any of the fiber strands and thus no clingy hooks in your yarn. We've had a spinner use some of our raw fiber, and she said it cleaned incredibly easily, and dyed really well.

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Icelandic Sheep Fiber

Available Upon Request

All of our fleece has been hand rooed and is sold as 100% raw UN-dyed fiber.

There is actually quite a lot of difference between the fleece of different sheep. Each fleece will have a different thel to tog ratio as well as different fiber thicknesses and color. There are a couple ways you could identify a fleece you're interested in ... One way would be to look though our flock and inquire about the fleece for a specific sheep. Or, if color is your primary interest, take a look at the color reference gallery below that shows the different fiber colors in our flock, let us know what color your interested in and we'll see if we can find a fleece that will fit your needs.


$35 per pound sold by the fleece.

Color Reference Gallery

Homozygous grey JPG

Homozygous Black Grey

web pic 4 JPG

Spotted Moorit Grey

web pic 6 JPG

Moorit Grey

spotted moorit solid JPG

Spotted Solid Moorit

white fleece background JPG


web pic 2 JPG

Black Mouflon

web pic 5 JPG

Black Grey/Mouflon

spotted homozygous grey 9 JPG

Spotted Black Homozygous Grey

web pic 3 JPG

Solid Black

web pic 1 JPG

Black Grey

web pic 7 JPG

Solid Moorit

homozygous grey with flashing 3 JPG

Homozygous Grey with Flashing

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white fleece JPG


Peaceful Valley

Pure white

black grey fleece JPG


Peaceful Valley

Black Grey, Moorit Grey, Black Grey Mouflon, and Black Homozygous Grey

Mouflon fleece JPG


Peaceful Valley

Black Mouflon

fleece JPG


Peaceful Valley

Black and Moorit

spotted moorit JPG


Peaceful Valley

Spotted Moorit, Spotted Moorit Grey, and Spotted Black Homozygous Grey