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The Colorado Mountain dog is a fairly new breed, and is just beginning to come out of the development phase. We are proud to be a part of the breed's progress! Before continuing down the page, make sure you understand guardian dogs, and what they do. They are not normal dogs, and their thinking capabilities aren't suited for average house dog life. Owning a guard dog means lots of active training, continually keeping them active, and being ready to handle their unique temperament. You can't take them to a store and introduce them to any and every dog, you can't let everyone pet them, and they are NOT a pet dog. They can jump out of crazy high fences if they believe there's a threat, they will bark all night long if they are concerned about something and they will go bored silly in confinement. That's not to scare you, they are awesome dogs, great guardians, but they are not for everyone so we'll work with you to make sure they are the right fit for you and you for them.

Chester 2

Stud Services - Chester

Available Soon - waiting on stud registration

Breed: Colorado Mountain Dog
Breeding Farm:
 Open Arms Farm
Gender: Male
Birth: Dec 15, 2019
Dam: Open Arms Farm Charlotte
Registration: Registered
OFA Score: Good, CMD-4G26M-C-PI

Chester is the most chill stud dog on the planet! He is very alert and engaged in the protection of his crew, but he blends that with a remarkable care and gentleness for everyone in his group (with the notable exception of Edmund when he picks a fight, then he's decisive!). Chester can frequently be found with slobbery fur because he and our heifer Autumn have a special bond and Autumn loves licking Chester. Chester, for his part revels in the attention. As a puppy, Chester was brown, but as he has aged his coat has become a beautiful golden color. We expect that he will probably throw that beautiful coloring in his future pups.

puppies jpg

Colorado Mountain Dog Puppies

Available Summer of 2024

We have a great stud, and are currently growing out our breeder girls. They still need to mature, have hip checks and get registered so it's going to be a while but we're excited to see the breeding results. You can learn more about our breeder prospects here...

clayton JPG


Peaceful Valley Wether


Sire: Peaceful Valley Bojangles
Dam: Peaceful Valley Carlie

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